Apr. 6th, 2010 09:57 am
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At nineteen years old, Chaz Walters was lost. College once sounded like a good idea, but that cost money they didn't have, and what would she study? Her grades were a B average with a minimum of effort, but that wouldn't win any scholarships, and apart form skateboarding her extracurricular activities weren't anything she could talk about, or put on a resume.

She had a job at a drugstore, enough to help with the bills and once she graduated from High School they'd be happy to give her more hours, but it wasn't a job that was going to take her places. Chaz wasn't even sure where she wanted to go.

That wasn't completely true. Chaz wanted to work for The Shadow, 24/7. She wanted to make a difference, to help save all those dumb, hopeless kids she saw every day dealing and buying drugs. To weed out the lowlife adults who fed the whole industry, the predators on people who had nothing better to turn to to fill the void in their lives. Chaz Walters wanted to be a vigilante.

At home, her aunt had long ago given up trying to reform Chaz into a young lady, and now watched her like a hawk for any definite clues of drug use or dealing. The teenager was, she'd concluded, a hooligan and needed serious reform or possibly rehab. Her brother Sam argued that Chaz might be a little aimless at this point in her life, but had always kept on the right side of the law. The resulting tension between them was just one more reason to take extra hours at both her jobs. Any excuse to stay out, away from her small family. It broke her heart to see Sam defending her, when Chaz couldn't tell him the real reason she snuck out nights. She'd asked, once, for permission to tell her brother the truth. The Shadow's answer had been no.

Chaz wasn't the youngest agent The Shadow had, anymore, but she had always held herself to the same standards as the rest of them, regardless of age. It was hard though, being an agent while at the crossroads of adulthood, and still living at home. Asking Him for advice was out of the question, so she struggled on, and stayed loyal.


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