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Chelsea 'Chaz' Walters lost her parents to a car wreck when she was fifteen, and has since been living with her older brother, Sam, who was nineteen. Together they moved to Brooklyn to be closer to their aunt, for emotional and financial support. They've gotten by, with Sam working odd jobs. He gives Chaz a minimum of supervision, partly because she's a rebellious tomboy, partly because she's never actually gotten in trouble, and partly because he's just too distracted keeping the rent paid. As long as his sister keeps out of trouble with the law and gets good grades, he's let her do what she wants.
What Chaz mostly does is skateboarding, but not long after coming to Brooklyn she got involved with a gang of skateboarders, until she found out they were doing some very shady things. Afraid to voice disapproval, she started sabotaging them instead. Chaz was pretty sure nobody had noticed what she was up to, until the day the gang got broken up by a mysterious figure in black. Who then recruited her.
The year is 1986 and The Shadow has been forced to recruit younger agents. Chaz is eighteen now, but she's been an agent for a couple of years. She loves the work, and she's good at it, and she wants to learn all the amazing skills he seems to have. What he does looks more important than any conventional career. She's never said it out loud, but in her dreams Chaz grows up to fight crime dressed in black.
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